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Best China Visa Agent in Hyderabad — China Visa Agent Near Me


SPACE VISAS: Best China Visa Agent in Hyderabad — China Visa Agent Near Me

A China visa is required for any Indian traveling from India to China. A visa provided by China to a potential traveler is referred to as a Chinese visa rather than a China visa. Since there are various types of Chinese visas, we should be aware of why we are visiting and the type of visa we will need for that. Best China Visa Agent in Hyderabad Top Visa Agent Near Me or Top Visa Assistance for China in Hyderabad is Space Visas it can shows visa types, including all the subcategories and categories, are mainly 16. These can go from needing to pass China to choosing to dwell there permanently. Before applying, figuring out which one applies to your situation is urgent.

Announcing the resumption of a wide range of visas for Indian travelers, including those for the travel industry, following a three-year break, the Chinese Consulate and Departments General in India have resumed giving all types of visas to foreign nationals, including tourism visas, port visas, and numerous visa-exclusion policies. Best Visa Assistance for China in Hyderabad is Space Visas and The Chinese Embassy in India announced that it has implemented temporary changes to visa regulations, granting Indian travellers some much-needed ease and flexibility.

The following candidates are exempted from biometric fingerprint collection: those who are younger than 14 or beyond 70 years old; those who previously had fingerprints collected within the past five years at the Chinese International Embassy in India or at the Chinese Visa Application Administration Center in New Delhi, utilizing a similar passport; and those whose fingerprints are uncollected.

The Chinese Visa application is processed as per the separate respective consular jurisdiction areas of the Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General in India. For candidates dwelling in the consular jurisdiction area of the Chinese Consulate in India, if it is not too much trouble, submit visa application archives through the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in New Delhi. For applicants can get China Visa Agent Near Me Service in Hyderabad is Space Visas who reside in Karnataka or Maharashtra, their visas are processed by the Chinese Consulate-General in Mumbai. For candidates who dwell in areas other than those referred to above, their visa applications are handled by the Chinese government office in India. For applicants who reside in Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, and Odisha, their visa applications are processed by the Chinese Consulate-General in Kolkata.


Tourist Visa
Process time: 4–10 days
• Staying period: up to 30 days
• Visa Validity: Up to 90 days
• Entry: Single

Business Visa
Process time: 4–10 days
• Staying period: up to 90 days
• Visa Validity: Up to 90 days
• Entry: Single

C Visa:
This is made available to foreign team members that need to work in China. This may likewise be applicable to the team’s relatives. All types of transportation, including land, sea, and air, require a visa.

D Visa
This is issued to those foreign countries where people wish to reside in China permanently.

F Visa
We will be given this visa if we are a citizen of another country who needs to travel to China for a brief time period, such as a tour or a visit, for other similar purposes.

G Visa
Foreign countries that intend to use China as a transit point are expected to have this visa.

J Visa
There are two J-type visas: J1 is given to foreign journalists who need to live in China for over 180 days to cover news, and J2 is given to people who need to live in China for less than 180 days to cover news.

L Visa
If we are travelers who intend to visit China, we need to apply for this visa.
M Visa
This visa is provided to those involved with or expect to be associated with business and trade activities in China.

Q Visa
These are given to foreigners who are connected with people in China, whether they are permanent, durable residents or residents of China. While the Q1 Visa is provided to those who wish to stay in China for more than 180 days, the Q2 China Visa is provided to those who wish to stay in China for not exactly 180 days.

R Visa
This is issued to foreign countries who are very skilled, exceptionally qualified, or have high-level abilities when there is a necessity for those in China.

S Visa
This is something like a dependent visa. If there is another person working or studying in China, their relatives will visit them. These family members will be approached to apply for a S1 visa plan if they intend to remain in China for more than 180 days. On the off chance that the length of stay will be under 180 days, the relatives of the far-off public will be asked to apply for a S2 visa.

X Visa
These are given to foreign nationals who wish to study in China. The X1 Visa is for people who plan to study in the country for over 180 days, and the X2 Visa is for individuals who wish to study in the country for under 180 days.

Z Visa
This is issued to those who wish to work in China.

Listed Required Documents for a China Visa:
Here you must following bellow steps for China Visa through our Best China Immigration & Visa Consultants in Hyderabad is Space Visas.
Valid Passport
Identity Proof
Application Forms
Resident Permit
If Candidate or Applicant is Applying for a Business Visa,


• For a business visa, a covering letter from an Indian company
• For students: leave letter and college or school ID card.
• For Employed People: Salary Slips and Leave Sanctioned Certificate
• For Self-Employed: Company Bank Statement and Business Registration Proof
• For Retired People: Pension Statement
• Visiting Family and Friends: Passport, Address Proof of Inviter, Invitation Letter
• For Sponsored: ID Proof, Sponsorship Letter, Bank Statements of Sponsor
• Date of Birth and Place Details
• Optional: property investments, additional financial details and documents such as fixed deposits, invitation letters from the host company, share certificates, any other investments, etc.

What to Do When we Show up in the CHINA.

Space Visas Tours is a top-rated visa consultant and tour operator based in Bangalore and Hyderabad. We have a strong presence in seven states in India. As a specialized China visa service agent in Hyderabad, China Business Visa in Hyderabad is Space Visas. Space Visas is the top-most China visa service provider. Space Visas has helped hundreds of thousands of Indian tourists obtain their China travel visas. Due to our profoundly effective and solid service, we have procured the help and praise from our loyal clients, who have thus assisted us in developing from a small Hyderabad Visa Consultant to one with multiple branch workplaces the nation over. No secret charges and genuine administrations.

A trip to China will be an entrancing experience and it will provide you that Visa Consultant in Hyderabad is Space Visas. The Great Wall of China has busy cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, which should make it all the more interesting to explore. An Indian needs a China visa to visit the country for tourism and business. Now, one will apply for a China visa from Hyderabad with ease. It is very easy to get a visa for China, but it will not be free. A China visa will cost up to INR 13599 for a normal visa and INR 15099 for an express visa. (Prices may be able to change.) Here, we can explain everything you need to know about how to get a Chinese visa from Hyderabad.

Easy Steps to Get Your CHINA Visa in HYDERABAD

1. Visit and select the visa type.
2. Pay and Submit Your Documents Through Our Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service
3. Process: We verify, process, and submit your documents to the Embassy.
4. Get your “CHINA” visa delivered to your doorstep.

About Space Visas How Could Help you for CHINA Visas

Space Visas Abroad Services is conceptually made, and it has started with the sole reason to help the hopefuls who fantasize about getting comfortable in China understand their migration dreams. Immigration rules, guidelines, and regulations are challenging and adjusting, yet with Space Visas’ Abroad Help, you can be ready to encounter the smooth and smooth process of abroad immigration. China Visa application Processing services in Hyderabad is Space Visas and Our firm generally provides some sort of help to our clients, and we handle all of the cases with legitimacy and straight transparency.

Immigration is an extremely powerful process wherein the immigration qualification and process rules change often and totally, at times absent a lot of prior notification, surprising even a veteran in the movement completely. It would be difficult for a fledgling individual who wishes to settle abroad to figure out these complicated principles and the periodic, continuous changes to them.

Space visas can help you fulfil your dream of reaching your dream country, China. These days, it’s very difficult to get a China visa. There are a lot of rules and regulations to get a China visa, but you do not have to worry about getting it. Our space visas can help you get a China visa in a very easy way. We can work for you to fill out your form, book an appointment for an interview, etc. We just need your documents, details, etc. from your end. Now contact our team and get your China visa easily.

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Are we still having doubts about the Chinese visa process in Hyderabad?

We have you covered across entire India, with a presence in all the major towns, states, and cities like Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and many more.

Do we need a China visa in Hyderabad?

All Indian nationals require a visa for China. If we are traveling to mainland China, whether for tourism or business, we require a Chinese visa to be obtained from the Consulate or Embassy prior to our trip.

Do children need a separate visa application for China in Hyderabad?

Yes, each person needs a separate Chinese visa for China. In this way, different visa applications are required in any event, for minors.

Do we have to submit our passport for the China Visa application in Hyderabad?

Yes. We should submit our original passport along with other proofs and documents.

Does an Indian need a Visa for China in Hyderabad in Hyderabad?

Yes. If we are Indian nationals planning to visit China, we should need to obtain a Chinese visa before we can enter the country. We need to apply for a China tourist visa for Indians, also known as L-Visa, which allows independent tourists and travelers in groups to enter the country.

Does an Indian avail of a Chinese visa on arrival in Hyderabad?

There will be no China visa-on-arrival provision for Indians.

Can we extend our Chinese visa in Hyderabad?

No, we could not extend a China business visa or a tourist visa. At the same time, the Chinese government might approve an expansion under a few extreme conditions, on the off chance that there are serious areas of strength with enough proof.

What is the best time for us to apply for a China visa in Hyderabad?

We could apply for a China visa one month before our planned date of entry into China.

Is the China Visa fee the same for a child in Hyderabad?

Yes. The Chinese visa fee is the same for children who are independent applicants or accompanying applicants sharing the same passport as the principal applicant. Therefore, the child incurs the same amount of visa fees.

Is the Chinese visa center part of the China Embassy in India?

The visa center is not part of the China Embassy but a commercially registered administration organization that works independently.

Is the 12-year China visa available for Indians in Hyderabad?

No, the multiple-entry 1-year Chinese visa is not available for Indians. As of now, a China visa is available for citizens of five countries: the USA, Canada, the UK, Argentina, and Israel.

Do we visit Hong Kong with our Chinese visa in Hyderabad?

Chinese visas are not valid for visiting Hong Kong. Furthermore, Hong Kong requires us to apply for a pre-arrival registration (PA) before departing.

Where is the China visa application service center in India located in Hyderabad?

The China visa application service center in India is located in New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

What is the difference between a China tourist visa and a China business visa?

A Chinese visa is provided according to the purpose of your trip, either for business activities or tourism activities. In general, a “tourist” visa is approved specially for the purpose of your travel for pleasure, and a “business” visa generally permits tourists to engage in normal business-related activities like visiting a factory, negotiating agreements, attending sales meetings, etc.

What is the minimum balance amount in the bank account while submitting the Chinese visa application in Hyderabad?

The minimum required amount for a China visa is RS. 1, 66,000 in the account. Additionally, we should submit six months of our updated bank statement as well.

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