Use Eco-friendly (15W LED Flood Lights) At The Outdoor Places

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Use Eco-friendly (15W LED Flood Lights) At The Outdoor Places


Along with lightening the outdoor commercial and residential with maximum brightness, it is also our responsibility to use those forms of lights that are environmental friendly as well and for the same, there is no better option than the LED flood lights that don’t contain any harmful substances such as mercury or lead which otherwise are harmful for the environment.

Among many kinds of eco-friendly LED flood lights, you can use a 15w LED flood light that can make the outdoor ambience clear and safer.

Benefits of using 15w LED flood lights are as follows:

• You can install these 15w LED flood lights in more than one way, you can mount the fixture by yoke/flood or by knuckle mounting method as well whichever is comfortable for you.
• Also the color Temperature of these 15w flood lights is 5700k that emits day white light making the nights look safer and relaxed.
• The Lumen Output of these 15w Lights is 1635 lumens and you can replace it with 100w MH lights that reducing the electricity bills manifolds.
• The IP ratings of 65 make these lights more durable and strong and capable enough to withstand harsh weather condition as well.
• Comes with 5 Years of Manufacturer’s Warranty in addition to 30 days return guarantee from the same.
• Also these LED flood lights are DLC approved lights and have lifespan of 50,000 hours or even more than that as well.

So use these eco-friendly 15w LED flood lights to make the outer places more graceful without polluting the environment and burning your pocket as well.

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