Upgrade to 165w LED Liner High Bay to save Electricity

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Upgrade to 165w LED Liner High Bay to save Electricity


The way you present your products or articles in front of the customer’s marks an everlasting impression on them along with making them more attracted towards your displayed items. While owning any big departmental or conventional store, you need to take care of the lighting as well, and for the same, you can use LED liner high bay lights that are specially designed for the high ceiling areas.
If the height of the ceiling at your commercial place ranges between 15ft to 25 ft you can use a 2ft 165w LED linear high bay light over there.
Advantages of using a 165w LED linear high bay light are as follows:
●By using these 165w LED linear high bay light you can say goodbye to those 400 watts MH lights in a way to save more energy.
●This 2ft 165w LED linear high bay lights to have all the necessary approvals including cULus, DLC and UL among many others that make these lights safer and trustworthy.
●The lumen output of these linear high bay lights is 24,000 with lumen efficiency of 142 lumens per watt. All the high bay lights from LEDMyplace’s are brighter and economical than the normal lights.
●The color temperature of this high bay light is 5000K that is perfect for the indoor lighting purposes at the commercial areas.
●Comes with IP65 Waterproof rating along with 5-year warranty from the end.
Additionally, there are many other benefits of this eco-friendly and dimmable 165w LED linear high bay light that will help a lot in growing your business manifolds.
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