Give a Comfortable Environment to Your Employees by Using 8ft 40W LED Tubes

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Give a Comfortable Environment to Your Employees by Using 8ft 40W LED Tubes


For making the offices more energetic and comfortable for the staff to work, we need proper lights as lacking in it can make the functioning much difficult and delayed by hours. For ensuring the maximum productivity of the employees, you can use LED lights and one among them is the most preferred 8FT 40W LED Tube that can increase the productiveness among the employees without burdening you much.

Benefits of using an 8ft 40w LED tube are as follows:

• The lumen output of this 8ft 40W LED tube is 4800 and it is the perfect replacement to a 80w fluorescent tube that consumes double energy then the LED tube.
• Also the heat Dissipation mechanism keep the sufficiently cooler while it is emitting lights, thus making the environment friendlier to work.
• These 8ft 40w LED tubes promptly on turning them on without producing flickering or humming unlike the fluorescent tubes that makes the environment more noisy and disturbed.
• The life span of these LED tubes is close to 50,000 and you can use them for 24 hours a day as well.
• The base type of this light whose color temperature is 6500 is FAB (single pin) and can retrofit the existing fluorescent fixtures with this base type also due to its single ended power, you can install them by bypassing the ballast and making a direct connection with the main line source.

So shift to these 8ft LED tubes for the offices that work day and night as the DLC certification of these lights will allow you to get attractive rebate and incentives from the electric companies.

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