Have 360° Of Lighting By (60W LED Corn Bulb)

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Have 360° Of Lighting By (60W LED Corn Bulb)


The one and the most important benefit of LED bulbs is that even by consuming lesser watts of electricity they can provide much more brightness which even a halogen bulb consuming more watts can produce. One such kind of LED bulb is a 60W LED Corn Bulb that can repave all HID lamps and metal halide bulbs with up to 250W in an enriched way.

Other advantages of using 60W LED Corn Bulb are as beneath:

• The IP 65 rating of these 60W LED Corn Bulb make them perfect for the indoor and outdoor locations and can make them withstand all challenging environmental situations.

• These LED Corn Bulb 60W comes with UL, DLC, CE and ROHS certification along with saving the environment from getting damaged.

• You can replace a 250w MH bulb with this 60W LED Corn Bulb and can make great savings, on an average the lumen output of this LED corn bulb is approximately 5000 LUMENS with CRI of more than 80.

• These advanced LED Cob chips from Epistar used provide the light in the entire 360 degree angle without leaving any dark corner at all.

• You can enjoy 5 years manufacturer’s warranty that will make you purchase more satisfactory.

So use these 60W LED Corn Bulb that comes with a quicker installing, simply turn OFF the power, take out the existing lighting fixture and fix this LED corn bulb and it’s done.

Customer support: 888-972-6211

For more info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/led-corn-bulb-60w

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