Purchase Now! Single Pin 48w 8ft LED Tube for Better Lighting Results.

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Purchase Now! Single Pin 48w 8ft LED Tube for Better Lighting Results.


As an owner of the home, we try to have that lighting system that can beautify the ambiance of our home making the interiors more beautiful and charming. For the same purpose, one can use a standard sized single pin 48W 8ft LED tube to brighten the home the way you want.
Beneath are the benefits of using single pin 48W 8ft LED tube:
•These lights work without the ballast and the existing ballast must be bypassed and directly wired to the line source for the tube fixture to lighten up the area.

•You can change your existing fluorescent light equal to 120w with this 48W Single pin tube and can save the energy savings by about 75%.

•This single pin 48W 8ft LED tube is ETL certified which makes them safe to use at various other public places also just apart from your homes.

•On an average, the lumen output of these single pin 48W 8ft LED tube emits 5800 lumens and the Color temperature is 6500K.

•UL certified and comes with 3 years warranty from the manufacturer's end.
So use that form of lighting reflects your personality in a broader way and for this purpose, there is no better light than the Single pin 48W 8ft LED tubes to enjoy maximum brightness at the least possible cost.

For More Information, Visit Our Website:- https://ledmyplace.ca/products/8ft-led-tube-2row-48w-5800-lumens-2row-single-pin-6500k-clear

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