Vocal grooming class with Rudraksha band.

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Vocal grooming class with Rudraksha band.


Rudraksha Band give vocal training. Grooming classes with live band, where you can explore your dream in your singing carrier with our internal setup. Our main objective is to promote the study, practice and knowledge of music in the City of India, and the neighbourhood, and to give or arrange concerts and musical entertainments
Rudraksha, Fusion Band started in 1999. Rudraksha, Fusion Band, conceptualizes Live Music and blends with Irish Music, Folk Music, Hindustani, Pop, Rock and many more genres. Rudraksha, Fusion Band, has been associated with many eminent Music Artists; Good to give our Contract had done show successfully.
Virtual classes/ Live classes are usually held once a week.. Each class has a teacher with up to 3 students and students will be able to see each other, interact and imbibe skills like in a real classroom. This is extremely effective as it not only helps you learn from the teacher but also from fellow students across the globe. You will also be able to gauge how you stand with respect to other students taking the same course. The first lesson of the music business, according to Incubus manager Steve Rennie, is that there are no shortcuts, no checklists, and no skipping ahead. That’s why you can’t skim or skip your way through his online course, “Insider’s Guide to Today’s Music Business

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