Cosalt Siesta Luxury Caravan @ Skipsea Sands - £8000

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Cosalt Siesta Luxury Caravan @ Skipsea Sands - £8000


Listing on behalf of a friend, I can answer some questions but might have to pass their number on!

Luxury static caravan for sale at Skipsea Sands. Kept in amazing condition with no expense spared. Price includes site fees and everything you need to get you going.

Site is open 12 months - doesn’t close! So you can enjoy your caravan all year round. Skipsea is park of the Parkdean Resorts group so you won’t have any trouble renting out if you want to make some money too.

Great site, plenty to do, restaurant, pool, loads of stuff for the kids. The site can arrange payment plans too if that’s helpful.

Contact 07741778558 or PM! x

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