Install (80w LED wall pack) at the Outdoor Locations

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Install (80w LED wall pack) at the Outdoor Locations


While managing the warehouses or any other big commercial places, we require bright lights that can increase the mobility of the workers or employees especially during the nights and for the same purpose you require powerful lights that though being stronger in illuminating lighting results still have the ability to reduce the monthly electricity bills by significant amount.

Among various types of lights, you can use LED wall pack lights for the outdoor lighting requirement and to save the hard earned money from getting wasted as well, so use 80W LED Wall Pack light among various lights to get the below mentioned advantages.

Beneath are the specifications of the 80w LED Wall Pack:

• These outdoor 80w LED Wall Pack light features the latest and most advanced LED lighting technology that can deliver maximum illumination for more than 50,000 hours.
• These LED lights have received UL, DLC, CE and ROHS approval that make them safer and rebate and incentives friendly as well.
• These 80w LED wall pack lights have the lumen output of 10,173 lumens with lumen efficiency of 127 lumens per watt; you can replace a 250w MH light with this 80w wall pack to make great savings.
• It’s IP64 Waterproof Rating make these wall packs perfect to use at the outdoor places including convenience stores, gas stations, parking lots, warehouses, shops, hotels, motels to name a few.
• Also the wider beam angle of these eco-friendly wall packs will allow you to remove dark spots from all the corners as well.
• So replace those 250w MH lights with these 80w LED wall pack lights to experience the amazing lighting difference at the most reduced rates.

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