Install DLC Listed 50w LED Flood Lights at the Stadiums For Clear Lighting

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Install DLC Listed 50w LED Flood Lights at the Stadiums For Clear Lighting


The stadiums are the places where the participants from all over the world come together to show their performances and hence the ambience should be lighten enough so that they can perform their games in a more effective way. For giving best lighting ambience to the performers, you can use LED flood lights that are also being named as the best outdoor security lights and can be used at the outdoor places, among many led flood lights, you can use 50w LED flood lights to provide a cheerful ambience to the performers and the audience as well.

Benefits of using knuckle mount 50w LED flood lights are as follows:

• These 50w LED flood lights can be installed in more than one way, either you can mount the fixture by yoke/flood or by knuckle mounting method as well. In both the cases, the installing process takes much lesser time than the traditional MH lighting fixture.
• Also the color Temperature of these flood lights is 5700k that provides day white light thus making the nights safer and completely glare-free light beam.
• Comes with the Lumen Output of 6250, these 50w LED flood lights can be replaced with 300w MH lights that giving additional energy saving per lighting fixture.
• These lights are IP rated 65 that can withstand harsh weather condition as well.
• Comes with 5 Years of Manufacturer’s Warranty in addition to 30 days return guarantee from the same that will give you risk-free option to use these lights.
• Once installed, you can use these lights for at least 50,000 hours or more than that as well.

So use these 50w LED flood lights to make the stadiums more graceful and brighten, also using these lights will give you an option to get various kinds of rebates and incentives from the power companies which the normal lights can never offer.

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