LED Pole Lights - The Smartest Option To Make Cities Better & Safer!

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LED Pole Lights - The Smartest Option To Make Cities Better & Safer!


If you are interested in having a city brilliantly illuminated to make your city safer, look nowhere for LEDMyPlace is the best online resource for street lights, parking lot lights and lights for the sports arena. We carry LED pole lights in several wattages, lumen output, color temperatures along with LED pole lights that are available with or without an in-built light controller such as photocell or motion sensor.

So, how do I benefit by having LED pole lights from LEDMyPlace? -- you might ask.

Well, here’s what you need to know.

LED Pole Lights are much more reasonably priced than these lights offered by many online retailers. And, yet the quality of these pole lights are not at all compromised. So, when speaking of quality, how does our LED pole light differ from other pole lights available in the market? Well, besides the high lumen output they deliver, they are designed in ways that make them perfectly suitable as outdoor lights. Keep reading to know further.

LED Pole Lights -- Benefits These Lights Offer

●LED pole lights are susceptible to external rust, corrosion, accidental or intentional damage. And, that is why it’s important to have these lights to be industrial or commercial grade construction. This means LED pole lights are housed in a rugged, die-cast aluminum sheath that not only protects the fixture from any kind of damage but also acts as an excellent heat-sink.
●Since these pole lights carry LED chips from Epistar, you can expect even and smooth lighting, and uninterrupted lighting for long hours. Because of such premium grade chips, there’s a minimal need for maintenance. And, hence, very low or no maintenance costs for 50,000 hours of their specified lifespan.
●The energy-consumption through the use of such LED pole lights gets reduced to 20% from what they could have been 60-70% when using HID, sodium-potassium or metal-halide lamps for pole lighting.

What more? We could go on and on discussing this product for long, but we want you to check these lights out for your satisfaction. Remember, there’s no harm in trying for we offer 5 years of warranty on our LED pole lights.

Want to buy this product visit at -https://www.ledmyplace.com/collections/led-pole-lights

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