There’s Nothing Better Than 150W LED Pole Lights For Street Lighting!

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There’s Nothing Better Than 150W LED Pole Lights For Street Lighting!


For the outdoor lighting purposes, there is no better substitute than the LED pole lights as the level of brightness these lights offer is not- comparable to any other halogen light. For getting maximum lighting results at the least possible cost, you can use a Universal Mount 150w LED Pole Light and an energy saving of almost 80%.
Benefits of using a 150w LED pole light is as follows
●These 150w LED pole lights are best suited for retrofit or newly entered construction applications including residential, commercial and even big industrial areas as well.
●These LED pole lights are UL and DLC certified and are best suitable for the wet locations thanks to the IP65 rated that make these lights more durable and strong.
●By replacing this 150w LED pole light with a 450w MH light you can reduce the utility bills by almost 80%, which is a significant amount to consider for a longer period of time. These LED pole lights produce 20,000 lumens with excellent illumination uniformity and amazing color rendering index of more than 70.
●You can use these lights for a period of 6 years or close to 50,000 hours with very low time luminosity decay.
●Are eco-friendly lights and don’t contain mercury or any other contaminants.
So use these outdoor LED pole light that has big heat sink made up of die-cast rugged aluminum housing keeping the tubes safe and secure after continuous use as well.
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