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At Alacritous Consulting, you will dealing with a company who understands nothing is as important as the integrity and actions with it's past and current clients. It does not serve us well to accept every client simply because they apply, because we will only help those that we can. However, if you can be helped, we will put our all into it. Once we have reviewed your credit report and deemed that we will be able to help you, you get to make the decision on whether or not to employ our services for credit repair. We may find during the review that some of our clients are not necessarily in need of our services but simply need our ideas on improving their credit situation, in which case the consultation is all that's needed. We will not sign those that only need some help in the right direction, as that would be taking advantage of those people.

Our service takes only 4-6 weeks, as opposed to other credit companies, because we are fair at what we do. We do not try to take advantage of people by drawing out the process of credit repair over months and months, when it can be solved within weeks.

Our company has permanently removed the following from our client's credit reports:

Tax Liens, Judgments, Repossessions, Foreclosures, Evictions, Charge Offs, Medical Bills, Late Payments, Student Loans, Bankruptcy, Collections Inquiries


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